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Yankees fans are the best...Reason #3,861

Remember when a drunken David Wells was sucker punched by some pissed off guy at a deli at 6am on the Upper East Side? Well, the puncher had his day in court today. I'm loving the news coverage of his appearance:

"Rocco Gracious (Is that his pimp name or seriouly for real???), who came to Manhattan Criminal Court wearing a dark blue, cotton velvet, athletic warm-up suit, didn't have much to say. "I'm not in a very good mood today,'' he replied when asked how he was doing."


Now, die had yanks fan that I am, should I have encountered the drunk orge that is Wells in the wee hours after a few too many myself, (hell should I have found myself - gasp - on the UPPER EAST SIDE in the wee hours of a sat/sun morning) might have taken a swing at him too...but come on - show some self respect. A track suit and your plea is "I'm not in a very good mood today"???

Then again, what a class act that Wells is...A burly, tattooed left-hander whose mother once dated the president of the local chapter of the Hell's Angels, Wells is a tough pitcher with great control, a love of heavy metal music, and a flair for the unconventional. Upon joining the Yankees in 1997, he unsuccessfully petitioned his new club for Babe Ruth's number "3" (long retired) and later in the year was chastised for wearing one of the Babe's caps during a game. He often annoyed managers with a reluctance to get in shape and various off-the-field antics, including a broken finger suffered in a bar brawl before the 1998 season. Despite the injury, Wells didn't miss any action; in fact, he made history that May when he became only the second Yankee ever to throw a perfect game. In front of a packed house (most lured by the promise of free Beanie Babies) Wells became only the second pitcher in history to throw a perfect game at Yankee Stadium. Until then, Wells had never allowed fewer than three hits in a game as a starter. His secret? "I didn't take creatine," Wells revealed in an interview with Penthouse published the following year. "I drank beer, and I had a career year." Despite the storybook season, Wells was dealt back to the Blue Jays shortly after reporting to spring training in February 1999. Shocked and dismayed at leaving New York, Wells hurled expletives at reporters and raised his middle finger for photographers while taking a physical at Toronto's spring training camp but insisted he held no bitterness towards his former team.

Kinda makes it hard to root for either guy doesn't it?


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