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Grammy Fashions

Now, like many of you, I didn't watch the Grammys (comeon, Lost and Project Runway were on!), but you gotta love the 'fashions' that grace the green carpet at the event. Here's Z. Madison's picks for The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The WTF?

The Good.
Don't you just love you some Joss Stone? That girl always marches to the beat of her own drummer when it comes to fashion and although always out the the box, it always works.

The Bad.

I can appreciate that Teri's trying to be sexy and fun for this red carpet event, but it's basically a pair of boy shorts and a see through nightie on top. This isn't your gig, Teri...you should've stuck to an actual dress. This makes you look like you're trying too hard...
The Ugly.

It's Mariah.The extensions, the too much leg, too tight dress, skanky shoes...Again, it's Mariah - what do you expect?

The WTF?


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