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Thanks Google!

Working in media, I am the recipient of all kinds of gifts from sales reps. Most are mundane - Godiva, books, beach towels, etc. A few have stood out: American flag lapel pin from Tiffany's (right after 9/11), Brita from Fast Company (their 'green' issue) and you always take meetings with golf reps in hopes they bring such bad ass umbrellas that even hurricane gusts won't flip those suckers inside out.

Today I received a promo gift that made my inner child light up. The literature says "When you build, think big. #1 in Global Search. #1 Worldwide Reach. #1 Online Video Community: You Tube. Google has your building blocks. Together, lets snap things into place."

Accompanying this was a sack of oversize Lego's.

Love me some LEGO'S!

Screw working. I'm off to play with them now...

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