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Brit Brit Riding with Mr. SPF

So by now, dear Z. Madison readers, you've heard of Brit Brit's run in with cockroachazzi while driving with her 4 month old on her lap...Shameful as it is (and by saying it's putting lil' SPF in danger..., Brit Brit has an explanation:

"I made a mistake and so it is what it is, I guess," Spears tells "Access Hollywood"

"Being put in the situation that I was in, it was kind of bad with the paparazzi," Spears tells "Access Hollywood." "Last week, my mom and I went out and they were on us really bad, so you instinctively do what you need to do."

To be honest, I'm not even responsible enough to own a dog (keep your cracks about ms. v's wieght issues to yourself...). Never mind a 4 month old. But I'd certainly not perch the kid on my lap whilst trying to out manuver the cockroachazzi. Hasn't she learned from HoHan already???

Will one of the grandparents or a nanny please intervene aleady?

PS- chick had the nerve to show up with that slug of a husband in this costume last night...


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