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The Devil Plans A Luncheon

Anna Wintour is well reknown for many things: dictating fashion trends, launching the stardom of Marc Jacobs, a fierce bob and an ever present front row seat to runway shows. But most notably, she's known for being a ferocious bitch to underlings at Vogue and going through assistants like most of us hail cabs.

One of those assistants bit back in the best selling and thinly veiled 'fictional' tale of her time spent as Wintour's assistant in the book "The Devil Wears Prada." The movie version is currently being filmed with Meryl Streep cast as the Editor in Chief. Many fashionistas and frienemies have long been snickering and eagerly awaiting the release of this film and Wintour's response to it.

Who knew the Queen Bee who could make Si Newhouse her bitch has a sense of humor?

In a statement to the UK's Telegraph, she describes a luncheon she'll host on Si's dime prior to the USA premiere:

"It was Bee's [her daughter, Bee Shaffer] idea. She suggested I have a lunch for all the assistants who work on Vogue the day before the film is premièred. I think it's a great idea, and I'm thinking I will. It would be fun. I could get Prada to give a nice goodie bag to put on the chairs."

You bet your ass Prada would donate the goodybags.

Suddenly, I want to submit my resume to 4 West 42nd St. and submit to fashion bootcamp...

A few fun facts about "Nuclear Wintour": Her lifestyle is as legendary as her look. An early riser, she is up before 6am; she plays tennis every morning, has her hair and make-up done professionally, and is then driven to the office - all by 8am.


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