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Adventures in Slushland, NYC

I'm sure, dear readers, that many of you opted as I did, for the comfort of your couch and a movie yesterday and were hit with the onslaught of the remnants of the weekend's storm during your am commute. I'm sure (most) of you dressed appropriately - galoshes/boots/dark pants that could withstand the slushy intersections/sidewalks. We should give props to the city's sanitation department - that was a helluva mess to clean up and they did a great job. However, with the temperature rising and no where for the snow to go, Sidewalk Slush is imminent.

Today I had to run around to a few meetings. A black skirt suit and stilettos were in order. Knowing this, even I - slave to fashion as I am, opted for a discreet change of footwear and a plastic nytimes delivery bag to hide the evidence. Ah, but not all fashionistas were as prepared...witness the following observation in Chelsea earlier today brought to our attention by our friends at www.gawker.com:

"I saw these two girls come out of my office building in Chelsea and I immediately knew I needed to follow them until I saw them make fools out of themselves. They were both your typical jappy-type girls, both wearing pointy toed, stiletto style heels and jackets not nearly warm enough for the weather outside. In my experience when people sacrifice common sense for fashion someone always gets hurt and I am a big fan of toasting marshmallows over the wreckage. It just so happened they were heading up the same way I was so I followed them for about two blocks and watched them tip-toe along the sidewalk in their heels. Just when I was about to break from them and cross the street, they both stepped out tentatively into the intersection. The shorter girl held onto the taller girl’s arm as they huddled for warmth and tried to make it across in those stupid, stupid shoes. The shorter girl’s foot slipped into a puddle and the whole cuff of her cream-colored pant legs got so soaked that she shrieked in horror, startling the taller girl and tipping her off balance. They both did this exaggerated crane-like dance to try to get their footing back, but it was too late. The tall girl lost her balance and crashed into a snow bank, and since she was still holding the shorter girl’s arm, the second girl came crashing down on top of her. Then they both slid down the bank and into the puddle of sludge, ruining both their shoes and pants, all the while squawking like a bunch of chickens. It was oh so awesome. Hey, that’s what you get for dressing and walking like a retard. "

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