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I Heart Bklyn

While looking for pics of Marty for the previous post, I ran into this gem from the official Brooklyn government site...

It's a You Know You're From Brooklyn When...

They listed 70 reasons. Here's the creme de la creme:

"Old Brooklynites (and neighboring areas) Understand If you ain't from Brooklyn, just forget this; you wouldn't understand. You're truly from Brooklyn if you can relate to any of the following:

11.Don't speak with an accent - everybody else does.
13.Everybody knows somebody from the neighborhood, even if it is your mother's cousin's son-in-law's sister's boyfriend.
20.It's not the "shore", its the "beach" idiot.
21.Kings Plaza.... how come we get the crappy mall?
22.Knew who the neighborhood wise guy was, but you'd never tell the cops.
40.There is a bagel bakery a few blocks away.
41.There is at least one pizzeria within 1 block of your house
53.You can correctly pronounce places like Long I-land, but aren't exactly sure where it begins.
54.You curse A lot. Or can at least out curse anyone from anywhere else.
55.You don't go to Manhattan, you go to "The City."
56.You have no reason to go to Queens, except for Met games.
59.You know the difference between going with, seeing, fooling around with and going out with someone.
61.You love "Welcome Back Kotter" (and not because of the crisp writing or great acting). 64.You never realize you have an accent until you leave.
67.Your friends came over to hang out on the stoop.
68.You've had a pigeon crap on your car and/or your head.

And the most important reason that you are a Brooklynite, or at least have the soul of one, is that You're still angry that the Dodgers left


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