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What To Add To Your Netflix This Week...

This movie fascinated me. I first saw it in the theater and had to buy the dvd the week it came out. It's a documentary about a guy (late 20s/early 30s) who devoted his life (and perhaps his sanity) to the grizzly bears in Alaska. He made documentaries of his summer's there, living among the bears. The footage is beautiful, funny and powerfully disturbing, as is Timothy himself.

It's no secret that Timothy was killed by one of these bears he loved. His girlfriend was with him and also was killed. The movie does not blush from this and confronts it in the first five minutes. Respectfully, they do not air the video recording of the incident, but instead concentrate on the journey of Tim's last few summers, months, weeks and days. As much of a character as Tim is, so are his friends and the local authorities.

I urge you, dear readers, to add this movie to your netflix this week, if nothing else than to see Timothy's rant against the authorities who he claims are trying to kick him off The Bear Maze. Should it air on TV, the sheer number of bleeps would make The Osbournes look like a Disney movie.

Grizzly Man (2005)

Renowned nonfiction director Werner Herzog chronicles the tragic and untimely death of outdoorsman Timothy Treadwell, who devoted his life to studying grizzly bears living in the Alaskan wilderness -- only to have one of them maul him to death. Pieced together mainly from Treadwell's own video footage, this fascinating documentary goes deep into the wilderness of one man's mind to uncover how he spent his final days.
Starring: Timothy Treadwell, Amie Huguenard, MoreDirector: Werner Herzog

Rated R For language


At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Troy from TODC said...

First le tme say, I have never seen this movie, but I did see a special on it on National Geographic where they intervied 5-6 of his friends. Its amazing some of what I saw and that he lived in harmony with these creatures.

second, After reading all the blogs until now you have a very unique writing style. I am a co-owner/co-founder of TODC (theobservationist.com) and I'd like to have you come take a look around. We write on Sports, Religion, Politics and anything else falls in Soapbox. I don't know how much time you have to write longer articles (then just a blog) but if you are interested please contact me and I'll give you the details. I'm troy from TODC.


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