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Deathwatch 2006

The mag that epitomized metrosexuality, will cease publication as of the May issue.

I had high hopes for this pub, but I must admit that I'm not completely surprised. Outside of NY, LA and Miami, I wasn't sure they'd find a strong enough audience. And at the same time this book was launched, Conde threw out Vitals (a high end version that eventually split into a female and male version before meeting it's own demise), Domino (a home version of Lucky) as well as tested the waters with Vogue Man. Shop Etc was launched by rival Hearst and the market, frankly, was overwhelmed with Shopping Zines.

At least subscribers will benefit - all Cargo subs will now receive GQ. Then again, with Conde's biz model, most Cargo readers probably received their first issue polybagged with GQ, or their girlfriend/wife's Lucky.


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