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Dumpwatch 2006

I didn't see this one coming...

The Long and Winding Road will indeed be ending for Sir Paul McCartney and his wife of four years, Heather Mills.

They announced yesterday that they will be separating. I thought these two would make it, truly.

Paul and Heather married four years after his first wife, Linda Eastman, died of breast cancer. The marriage to Heather apparently caused some tension with Paul's children, most notably his daughter Stella (who's clothing line I adore btw).

Paul and Heather have a little baby girl, Beatrice, who will undoubtedly find comfort in Hey Jude as she grows older.


At 5:57 PM, Anonymous Jeremy said...

And his first marriage was so inspirational. I guess that is why this news is so disappointing. Maybe we thought he was capable to have two great marriages in his life. Oh well, what can you say about celebrities?


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