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Oh No! How did I miss this on Friday???

One of my favorite NYC establishments, Chumley's, almost burnt down on Thursday!

For those not in the know, Chumley's is one of original speakeasys still left in the West Village. It doesn't normally have the 'secret entrance' open on Barrow anymore, but 86 Bedford always beckoned you inside with tasty burgers, good jazz on the jukebox and their original brews (Heather's Honey is my favorite).

As reported on www.curbed.com "A fire blazed this afternoon at 84 Bedford, next door to Chumley's, the venerable West Village speakeasy-turned-bar/resto. Eater's got the preliminary word on the institution's fate: "Though the restaurant itself was not badly damaged by the blaze, it will remain closed until structural engineers have done an inspection and the place can be properly cleaned up."ยท Breaking: Fire Shuts Down Chumley's [Eater]"

Let's hope the huge portrait of Hemingway survived.


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