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Does Anyone Really Care?

Tonight, David Blaine will attempt to emerge from the fishtank he's been living in the past few days by holding his breath for 9 minutes or the length of time it will take to unwrap the 150 lbs of chain links he'll be mummified in...all on live TV.

Anyone else care if he succeeds?

I'm sick of this guy. His stunts, while original, always border on creepy or just inane. You want to stand on a pole like a vulture overlooking Bryant Park? So be it. You feel the need to lock yourself into a glass coffin for a week? Sure, no problem. Encasing yourself in ice for few days? God bless you for entertaining the tourists in Times Square. But, seriously David, why must you innodate me with your peeling skin and catheter bag during my morning coffee/news fix?

www.1010wins reports that many people, in fact, do care about this 'magician': "All day long, curious onlookers lined up to walk past the sphere. Linda Brady of the Bronx brought along a boom box and loudly played Jennifer Lopez's ``My Love is All I Have.'' Blaine appeared to respond by bopping to the beat.

``I just love him,'' said Brady. ``He has a creative mind just like me, and he's crazy just like me.''

You can say that again, Linda.

Thankfully, our little goldfish will free himself tonight and we'll be rid of him until the next scheduled freakshow (likely to, again, be during sweeps weeks for ABC).


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