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Did You Hear About This Asshole?

Last night, the leadoff story of the 11pm news had me cracking up.

30 year old J. Ray Corliss IV, who works for the Discovery Channel, was arrested for trying to parachute off the 86th floor observation deck.

To get past security (dear readers, having attended monthly meetings with the Boys and Girls Club on the 9th floor, I can attest to the metal detectors et al), he donned a fat suit complete with a rubber mask and grey wig to play the part of tourist. Underneath the get up, he hid a helmet with built in camera and his chute.

Just as our faux-fat daredevil approached the wired ledge, a cop and private security guard tackled and handcuffed him to the railing.

There's been no word on whether a wayward fanny-pack was found on the deck.


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