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I'm About To Vomit Up My Lunch Just Envisioning This...

Here in NYC, we've endured quite the soaking lately from Mother Nature. Here's a side effect of flooding I've never considered until now - Cesspools.

Out on the Island, (Huntington to be exact), a Grandpa, his son and a neighbor were sucked into one of these nasty toilet refuse catching beasts. The poor Grandpa went outside to fetch his Sunday paper and his lawn literally swallowed him up and sucked him down into the sewagey funk. When his son and neighbor went to help, they too were sucked down. Finally the fire department came and dragged them all out. Physically, all are fine. Now mentally - I'm not so sure...

I've never been happier to live in a 4 story walk-up.



At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PICTURES!!! I need more pictures!!


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