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The F Train Follies

Our snarky subway conductors are back...and better than ever.
c/o www.nyoverheard.com

Conductor: This is the…uh…the B? F? Train to brook-queens? What’s the next stop? Hell, I don’t know. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the MTA! We don’t know where we’re going but we’ll get you there!
–V train

Conductor: Just a reminder, you are safer on the train with your arms and legs fully in the train. I repeat, do not hang your limbs outside the train.
–Times Square shuttle

Conductor: 72nd Street station, change here for the 2 and 3 trains across the platform. Number 2 train in the station: the doors are wide open; you can’t miss it. Don’t let me down.
–1 train

Conductor: There will never be another F train!
-F train


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