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The F Train Follies

Back in January, I shared with you a story about a guy who passengers on the Q train thought was just sleeping...

"Picture yourself going about your normal commuting routine on a Friday Morning. You step onto a Northbound Q train and at around 14th street/Union Square, you notice something amiss. As the cars hooked a curve and the idiot driver accelerates, everyone on the train lurches uncontrollably. Everyone, that is but the guy slumped sleeping in the seat across from you...http://1010wins.com/topstories/local_story_021064550.html"

Well, it happened again today, but this time on the N line. When the train came to rest at Coney Island, police wanted to know why one particular guy wasn't getting off. Was he a bum staking his claim for the night? Did he just want to enjoy a Nathan's Dog on the boardwalk and take in the 'charm' of Astro Park after dark? Or did he just really love the Broadway route?

Sadly, none of the above is true. Not the way I'd want to go out...



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