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Bumpwatch 2006 - Brangelina come out of hiding

The above is from a photo shoot Brangelina did for the UK mag OK!. How cute is little Zahara?! And how big-bumped is Angie...We'll be seeing the arrival of the Sexiest Baby Alive in People soon. The mag reportedly paid $3.5MM for exclusive shots.

PS - US Weekly's reporting that BritBrit's preggers again. Apparently, she's not too happy about it and broke down in the doc's office upon hearing the news. Having just fired her nanny for the whole Sean Preston falling on his head incident, you gotta worry about the safety of these two kids. You know that slug of a husband isn't helping out....Poor Britney, she was just going to start trying to get her career back on track from the trainwreck it's become by recording a new album and touring.


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