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The Devil Does Jury Duty

From today's gawker stalker...

"Hi—just sat near Anna Wintour at Jury Duty downtown at 111 Centre Street. She was wearing a really expensive dress and had to sit with the common people. She huffed as I discussed the cheap Prada sold in nearby Chinatown with another potential juror. She must have thought I was talking about that crap book because she looked up and made a bit of a groan. We all got release from jury service at 12:35pm

At a break during jury duty, I was admiring the cream colored skirt on an impeccably dressed woman with a blondish bob, who I realized was none other than the Anna Wintour. It looks like even she couldn’t get out of jury duty. Thank goodness I look reasonably fashionable today, although I wouldn’t dare to eat carbs in her presence. "


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