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People Collect The Darndest Things

Only in Georgia, kids...Janie Peel doesn't collect little ceramic cats, ex-husbands or garden gnomes. No, this southern belle keeps her eyes peeled (pun intended) for vintage outhouses.

According to the AP report, "her favorite is an ancient two-holer with a tin roof and crude cedar posts for corners. The rusted metal on one side is peppered with shotgun pellets - just where the occupants would have been sitting. Peel isn't sure whether the circular pattern of tiny holes is the result of vandalism, assault or perhaps someone's innovative idea to improve ventilation.

'It has a lot of character,' she said. 'You have to wonder about the conversations that might have taken place in there.'"

Um, yeah...that's exactly what I was thinking.

It's an OUTHOUSE, Ms Peel. Conversations aren't exactly what these structures were utilized for.

Currently, Peel has three in her backyard and room for about a dozen more. At least guests never have to wait in line to use the ladies' room at backyard BBQs.


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