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RIP Cingular

Because I was desperately in love the the Razr phone, I finally switched my old AT&T Wireless plan over to Cingular this Winter. It cost me nearly $200 to do so and I had to sign a 2-year contract for a monthly bill that also increased.

Did I mention that AT&T migrated all it's customers to Cingular service nearly a year before? I was receiving Cingular bills and paying Cingular my hard earned money anyway. Still, I had to 'officially' switch over and pay the activation and migration fees. I considered it the same as using a broker to find a new apartment. Sure it sucks to lay out the month or so of rent as a payment for exactly 5 minutes of work on the broker's part. But, if you want the new digs, you have to go through the source.

Imagine my shock to read on www.adage.com today that AT&T is now going to ABOLISH the Cingular brand in 2007 and revert back to AT&T Wireless. To quote AdAge:

"It cost $4 billion to turn it into one of the best known names in the country, a future-forward, dynamic brand with a strong connection to young consumers and a share lead in the wireless marketplace. Yet, in 2007, Cingular will be tossed aside like an old sock."

So help me God, if they ask me to pay some BS migration fee to revert back to AT&T Wireless, I'll switch over to Verizon before you can say Can You Hear Me Now!


At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Troy from TODC said...

My wife and I just bought the bait from T-mobile (has connections with Cingular) but they flat out lied to us. So we cancelled within the 14 days and never paid a penny. Verizon took us back and even gave us new camera flip phones for free and we didnt have to pay any fees at all! This was awesome, just had to sign a 2 year contract, but we were already under contract for another 3 months. SO that would have been another $175 per line to disconnect when we moved to T-mobile.

T-mobile lied about alot of things. 1) they said they had better coverage (wrong, we took a trip to IOWA and lost connection almost everywhere outside the cities.) 2) they promised that verizon would only be a total of $75 to disconnect. (WRONG, it was $175 per line) 3) They promised us camera phones that would sink into our computers via 'usb'. (wrong, well sorta right but the idiot helping us didn't know we could use the serial number)

Anyways, Im happy to be back with Verizon. I don't believe anyone else can compare. All my family in Nebraska/Iowa have verizon so we all have free mobile to mobile.

If i was to suggest anything it'd be that you might want to check with those people you call the most to see what they are using, and then you can get free mobile to mobile.

*BTW, Can we get a round of applause for David Ortiz? I need to buy that man a beer!


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