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Plastic Surgery Fun House

It's no secret that many celebs visit their plastic surgeons like you and I go to the grocery store. I've nothing against a little botox or nip and tuck here and there, but some of these celebs are giving Jacko a run for his money.

Case in point: Joan Rivers. Ever since E! gave Joan the boot, I haven't paid much attention to the red-carpet-trainwreck. Care of our friends at www.tmz.com, I've come across a shot of her circa '83 and '06. Literally, she looks like a totally different woman:

Now, I've nothing but love for Dolly Parton, but darlin', it's starting to look like you're a contestant on Extreme Makeover:

Kenny Rogers decided he did not want to go gently into the night with a little eyelift, but it looks like he can't even blink anymore:

As these celebs have proven, sometimes less really is more.


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