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Look both ways before you cross...

I saw this bit of news on www.gawker.com first. With the blurb on www.1010wins, I knew it to be true.

James Gandolfini, better known as Tony Soprano, was idly cruising around on his moped in lower Manhattan, when he was mowed down by a taxi yesterday. Innocent bystanders went to see if the anonymous middle aged burly guy was OK when they realized who it was. At this point, they did what any self respecting NYer would do - they whipped out their cell phones. Not to call 911, but to take a picture.

Ever the tough guy, Gandolfini calmly hailed a cab to the hospital (not to worry, he's fine). The Italian scooter will need a bit of work, but should be ready to put our hell's angel back in the slow lane again soon.


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