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It's A Sad, Sad Day Dear Readers

The originator of that most perfect food choice, the Cheesesteak, has passed. I've been known to travel to Philly just for a "whiz with" on occasion. And, when in Philly, there's only one place to go: Pat's.

Pat Livieri and his brother Harry literally cooked up my ass' demise. Pat passed back in the 70s. Harry passed yesterday. He was 90.

Now just how was the cheesesteak invented you ask? Well, Harry and his brother, Pat, owned a hot dog stand and were sick of eating the little guys.

According to 1010wins, the brainchild went something like this: "Pat suggested that Harry go to a store and buy some beef. Harry brought it back, sliced it up and grilled it with some onions.The brothers piled the meat on rolls and were about to dig in when a cab driver arrived for lunch, smelled the meat and onions, and demanded one of the sandwiches.Harry sold the cabbie his in a transaction they counted as the birth of Pat's King of Steaks, named after Pat because he was the oldest."

Rest in peace, Harry. Thank God you got sick of the dogs...


At 10:36 AM, Blogger Slinky Redfoot said...

I shall eat 3 in memorandom


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