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Leo's Decended Upon Carroll Gardens

First it was Spidymania to hit the hood, now CG's lionized about Leo. On Wednesday, Leo was spotted at Ferdinando's Focacceria, an "oft-overlooked, cramped, century-old Sicilian restaurant." Leo was there shooting scenes for Martin Scorsese's "The Departed" yet another Scorsese mob flick but with an Irish twist this time.

Er, I guess the Irish were throwing their weight around my hood back in the day (I did read Angela's Ashes and 'Tis afterall), but CG and nearby Red Hook had [have?] very strong ties and history with the Italian mafia.

Whatevs...We'll take Leo however we can.

Thx for the heads up, newyorkology!

UPDATE: from today's Page 6 in the Post 7/15/06:
MARTIN Scorsese took over Ferdinando's Focacceria on Union Street in Carroll Gardens the other day. The director chose the tiny, century-old Brooklyn eatery as the backdrop for scenes in his new mob film, "The Departed," set for an October release and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Restaurant owner Frankie Buffa described Scorsese as "a true gentleman," saying he had "never seen so much charisma." Much to Buffa's delight, Scorsese and DiCaprio both posed with him after shooting was finished.


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