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Toto, We're Not In NYC Anymore...

As I was holed up at work until 10pm last night, I was safe from the carnage that mother nature unleashed yesterday during the commute home.

At about 4pm, I saw the windows shake from the thunder and knew we were in for a massive soaker. 1010wins warned of tornado warnings, but come on - tornados? In NY? Please...

Lo and behold, a few twisters DID touch down in our area (slightly north in the 'burbs of Westchester). True, they caused a lot of damage, especially to that California Closets warehouse, but can you imagine what one of those big funnels they get in the bread basket would do? Imagine it tearing down 5th Avenue like any other pissed off pedestrian...

Flipping through the channels, CNN had crazy wildfires on, the local news was all about tornados and then there was Israel and Lebanon frightfully close to war and bombing the shit out of one another. All we need is a good Category 5 hurricane to come sweeping through and an earthquake out west to know the apocalypse is truly forthcoming.

As for me? I'll just keep an eye on the sky for the impending raincloud of frogs, ala Magnolia.


At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Troy from TODC said...

Thanks for the insight. We had a tornado rip through downtown Fort Worth Texas - Think Downtown Dallas but just on the other side of town. It knocked out a bunch of windows in a few sky rises but those big buildings can stand up to Tornados.

I did hear the recently we had recorded a tornado in the breadbasket around 300 miles an hour. Now that is crazy!


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