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Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

Hello, my name is Z. and I'm a shoe addict.

What woman isn't you ask whilst rolling your eyes. Granted, living in NYC, the women here fall into two general categories: Shoe Girls and Bag Girls. I covet the latest trendy Vuitton or Chloe like the rest of the fashionista set, but I'd hand my rent in late for a to die for pair of Choos. I rented my apartment solely for the reason that there are custom made cubbies in the main closet to house my boxed friends: Dolce, Kate, Vera, Prada, Marc, Jimmy and yes...The Manolos. If it weren't for my addiction, my student loans would likely be a thing of the past.

And yet, for even I - self professed shoe whore - to startle at seeing what happened in a Turkish shoe store today, you know it's gotta be over the top.

"The incident occurred in Karabuk, after masses of people swarmed and overloaded a two-story retailer that was selling pairs of shoes for as little as $6, the state-owned Anatolia news agency reported.

When customers rebelled against orders to close the store because of overcrowding and started to fight with one another and with salespeople, a store employee shot his gun into the air."

Holy shit! Imagine if they did that in the end of the season sale at Century 21 or at the bi-annual Kate Spade Sample Sale...

Apparently, "shooting guns into the air is a not-uncommon method for dealing with emotional situations in Turkey, including weddings, soccer games, demonstrations and deals on shoes that are almost too good to be true. But the bullet struck a customer's right foot, Anatolia said, and the injured person was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment while the shooter was taken into police custody."

Not to worry, dear readers. There's still time to book your flight...

Fahrettin Arabaci, a store official, said that the sale would be going on until the end of the month.

Cause ain't nothing going to get between a woman and her shoes.


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