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The F Train Follies

Little girl: Where does the H train go, mommy?
Mom: There is no H train.
Little girl: I train?
Mom: No I train either.
Little girl: J train? Where does the J train go?
Mom: To Brooklyn. [Pause] Nowhere we'd ever go.

--F train, between West 4th & 14th

Latina girl with empty seat next to her: This whole ride nobody's sat down in this seat. This bus is gonna be packed before a white person sits in this seat.
Three stops later, a white girl sits down in the seat.
Latina girl, approvingly: Gangsta.

--M15 bus

Conductor, over speaker: Excuse me, young lady in the pink shirt. Stop holding the door!
Someone else wearing a pink shirt: But I'm not!

--E train

*from our friends at www.overheardinnewyork.com


At 1:23 PM, Blogger thisisnotmybeautifulemail said...

But what do you know. There actually is an H Train.


That little girl was smart.


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