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Spidy Mania Hits Court St.

I'm on my fire escape risking life, limb and laptop to bring you the latest update of Spidy In Da Hood. Court St. is a mess and traffic is insane. There's tractor trailers parked on either side of the road on my block, the next block with St. Mary's Star of The Sea Roman Catholic Church and the block after. The techs are setting up lights etc. (hence the tiny blue blob in the middle pic) Looks like the shoot's going to definitely be tonight. I'll do what I can dear readers, to bring you updates.

Sorry for the shoddy pic quality above. My camera lacks in 'zoom' what it makes up for in immediacy. Down to the street I go...

UPDATE: At last, it happened. I had my Tobey siting. Alas, he was in a drab grey suit and not all Spidy-ed up. They weren't shooting at the church, but had converted a recently vacated videostore across the street into a Pawn Shop for the occasion. Rumor is that they are moving on to a little back street next. I would have supplied pics but they came out far to blobby. You'll just have to wait for the premiere next summer. No sign of Topher or Kirsten.

I'm off to our french speaking friendly neighbor to the north for a few days. I'll be sure to savor a pan de chocolat for you. Oui, oui!


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I see are people moving into a building. I think you just made that up. Who would want to film a movie on court St

At 7:29 PM, Blogger Z. Madison said...

Anon - check out all the coverage on www.curbed.com Spidy's cast his web all over bococa.

Blame motorola for the inability of my Razr to snap decent pics to post for your enjoyment.

xoxo - Z


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