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Crackheadz Gone Wild

When I read this in my Metro newspaper yesterday, I didn't know whether to laugh or feel proud of the guys behind the videos. I ended up doing both.

Up in Harlem, across the street from the famed Apollo theater, two savvy entrepreneurs David Singletary, 20, and Milton Greagory, 28, have been briskly selling dvds featuring their local crackheads hamming it up for the cameras.

"For $3 to $5, Singletary and crew get neighborhood junkies to react on tape. 'If we see a crackhead wilding, we just get them in their environment. … As long as you give them a little bit of money, they’re happy.'

Access to junkies isn’t a problem. Singletary, who says he “kept getting locked up” for dealing crack, explains, “When you see a customer all the time, you start to have a little … bond with them.” Tired of trouble with the law, the Crown Heights native stopped selling crack and started videotaping and selling “Crackheadz” instead.

"Some people say it’s wrong," Greagory says. “‘Y’all gonna go to hell,’ whatever, but there are other things out here worse than this.”

The boys consider the videos the new This Is Your Brain On Drugs frying pan ad. By showing the real effects of what crack does to people maybe, after laughing, some will think twice about picking up the habit.

Um, OK, maybe they are a message, but I'm pretty sure the real reason people are snapping them up is because they're fucking hilarious. Check out a trailer at their website for yourself.


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