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Ah, To Be Young Again

Did you hear about these kids?

The last couple of weeks of senior year in high school are full of fun. Some schools have Senior Skip Day, an unofficial reason to play hooky and drink before 10am. There's Prom, finals, signing of yearbooks and, of course, graduation. Some classes even take it upon themselves to be pranksters as their lasting legacy. Some seniors from Long Island take the cake on this one and win the best ever prank in my book.

As reported on www.1010wins.com,
"Students arriving at JFK High School on Monday morning were surprised to find a pink car decorated with green question marks perched on the top of their building. School officials and Nassau police are still trying to figure out how pranksters were able to get the car up to the roof of the Plainview Old Bethpage school. A towing company removed the car, which consisted of only a shell with no engine.

Students say it is senior prank week and many were impressed with the quality of the mischievous deed. However, principal James Murray says damage could have been done to the school. He says those responsible may not be able to attend the prom or take part in graduation ceremonies. He says criminal charges are also possible."

Oh, boo hoo. It's hilarious. I only wish the Class of 1995 had been so creative.

PS - the pic above is of dear ol' Southampton High School in all it's glory.


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