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A Summer Series I Can Stand Watching

In this season of re-runs, I'm stuck watching Last Comic Standing. I actually recognize one of the contestants. I am embarrassed to say that while I tired of MTV long ago, I still get sucked into those Road Rules/Real World Challenges. The Inferno? Check. The Gauntlet? Faithfully caught both I and II in marathons. Battle of The Sexes I and II? Yep. And yep. The new Fresh Meat - I'm hooked.

None of the cast members of any of these shows have broken out, Eric Nice's The Grind Workout videos aside. Apparently, Theo Gant III from Road Rules Season Nine is trying to buck the trend and become a stand up superstar. He made it through the initial judging and performed in the before a live audience round. (You'll have to forgive me - it's the first time I've watched this shitty yet entertaining show. I'm not quite sure of the process).

You know what? He's surprisingly...pretty good.

The line that got me chuckling?: "If God didn't want you to cook ladies, why did he put MILK and EGGS into your body???"

Theo didn't make the cut to the next round, but I'd definitely check out his routine at a club near me.

I must give a shout out to the HILARIOUS audience favorite Josh Blue, who rode the 'special bus' his entire life. His sign off brought the audience to tears with "You're all going to hell for laughing at me!" When Kathy Griffin, one of the celeb judges, asked why stand up, he retorted "What am I gonna be a traffic cop" and flailed his erratic arms erratically around. Josh made the cut at the end and is moving on to go live in a clownhouse or something...Regardless, I'm going to love watching this guy in upcoming episodes. I'll dig for a You Tube, but trust me, the guy has comic skills.

Btw - the pic above is contestant Marc Price, better known as Skippy from Family Ties. Marc thought that his stand up act would make him more 'edgy' much like Bob Sagat's trying to rebound his career. He didn't make the cut.


At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out an awesome fansite dedicated to Josh Blue at www.joshblue.typepad.com It has pics, bio info, and a few video clips of his routines that you might be interested in. Definitely a must visit if your a fan of the show and Josh in particular. Enjoy!

At 7:34 PM, Blogger Z. Madison said...

Thanks, Anon! My gut tells me he could go all the way...


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