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The New Face of H&M

It was announced today that Madonna will star in a new H&M campaign. You know H&M - that European knock-off home of cheap yet ubertrendy fashions whose size labels you simply need it ignore and instead try everything on hiding behind racks lest you stand on line for half an hour to get into the dressing rooms.

It's an interesting choice. Having worked on the account for a nano-second, I found it to be truly perplexing. H&M targets young females. Madonna's pushing 50. Granted, she's got the body of a 20 year old and is always ahead of the fashion curve. But still...

Then, it all came together.

If you're a fan of the stores, you'll know that for the past two years, they've introduced special lines by hot designers (Karl Lagerfield and Stella McCartney both have held the annual honor). These special lines cause mass chaos in the flagship stores in which the goods were sold. Stella's line sold out in a mere hour.

This November, Victor & Rolf are slated to be the designers de jour and it's likely that Madonna will star in their special campaign. Save your pennies and plan your vacation day accordingly my little fashionistas. The ensuing shopping frenzy will land in a major metro hub near you in a few short months.

I'll be sure to keep an eye on WWD (and pump my former colleagues for info) to share with you the distribution date.


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