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I Heart Coney Island

And apparently, so does NYC. They've approved $1 BILLION dollars to renovate the neglected seaside escape to help restore it into the glory it once was.


I've been a resident of Brooklyn for nearly seven years and every summer I've made it a point to take the F train to the end of the line to take a ride on the Cyclone, play a few rounds of skeeball, enjoy a Nathan's in the sunshine and a beer at Ruby's. True, the place is still a piece of shit, but a promising piece of shit. You need to keep to the boardwalk (Requiem For A Dream got north of it right), but the Aquarium and the Cyclones' ballpark (minor league Mets team - how adorable when they play the Staten Island Yankees they call it the "Ferry Series" instead of the Subway Series) have poured much needed revenue and family friendly tourism into the area.

So, to kick off my summer, I'm dragging the boyfriend down to the Stillwell Avenue stop (he's a lifelong nyer and having not been there in years, still thinks it's gang turf - "I'm not wearing flipflops - we might need to run.") to once again try my luck at skeeball, take a rickety ride on the Cyclone, marvel at the Wonder Wheel - still running since 1920! and perhaps catch a freakshow. To thank him for making the trek, I'll buy him a hotdog and a beer (or two or three) at Ruby's.

Happy Memorial Day, dear readers.

PS - Let's not forget what Monday's all about and while your BBQing or sunning yourself, please take a moment to respect those that gave their lives so we can go about our weekend fun.

UPDATE: The Cyclone's still scary as hell (we rode in the front car and a tip for you, dear readers, if you hand the guy running it an extra $4 he'll let you keep your seat for another ride), the Wonderwheel continues to amaze, Nathan's still delivers - but stay away from the orange slushy, my reign as Skeeball champion lives on and the sharks at the aquarium are unsettling to say the least. To mark the occasion, the boyfriend won me an adorable stuffed Husky as a souvenir. All in all, a great day.


At 7:35 PM, Blogger CHUYS said...

You have a very nice blog. I like it.

At 7:51 PM, Blogger Z. Madison said...

Chuys, you're making me blush. Seriously, thank you and feel free to comment anytime.


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