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I Heart Ben & Jerry's

Not two minutes after my Planner left for lunch he called me from his cell:

"You gotta go downstairs. Ben & Jerry's is handing out free ice cream cones on the corner!"

Obviously, I needed to spread this divine word and half the surrounding cubes joined me in the elevator for the 33 floor ride down to euphoria. It was happy chaos on the street. Everywhere you looked there were NYers sitting and standing, enjoying thier cookie dough and cherry garcia cones. People even hopped out of cabs waiting at a red light to grab one.

Once finished, there was no option but to leave the sunshine and head back to our windowless cubeland. The Ben & Jerry's moment was over.

If you live in NY, San Fran or Chicago, keep your eyes peeled today as Ben & Jerry's will be staging the conefest at random corners all over our fair cities. Enjoy!


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Troy from TODC said...

good but way too dang pricey for me. I prefer Edy's Double Brownie Fudge when you can buy it 2 for $5.00


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