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Literally, this is going to be in my backyard

From my bathroom, I have a great view of a large swath of Brooklyn (once you overlook the elevated F line). For the past six months or so, I've noticed construction on an apartment building who's back intersects with my backyard. The design is very modern in our little brownstone hamlet. It's now up to six stories, and I'd assumed that the construction was finished and soy-latte-sippers would soon be moving in. Then, I saw this piece on www.curbed.com:

"The great Daily News rat infestation article made passing reference to an 11-story building at 100 Luquer Street in Carroll Gardens that's currently under construction. We forgot about it until now, but there it is above, in all its rendered glory from the Karl Fischer Architect website."

The damn thing is going to be 11 stories tall!!! WTF? Who'd they sleep with in the zoning office to get this slipped through? According to the pic above, how are they going to fit that on the tiny little Luquer Street? See the little beige blob in the back left - that's my apartment. This building is going to be a fucking monstrosity.

The drawing's shit though as they left out the elevated F line merely 200 yards to the right and there's no room for the semi-circle driveway in front. Also, that monstrosity is crammed inbetween 4 bordering brownstones and most certainly isn't as spacious as they're making it appear.

They might as well make the little coffee shop on the corner of Court St. a Starbucks, Josie's Salon a Gap and the little deli a Duane Reade.

Fucking gentrification. (the apartments do look sweet, though)


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