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Ikea's Coming! Ikea's Coming!

Now that all the protesting is over, demolition has begun in Red Hook to finally begin the construction of NYC's own Ikea. It'll be situated near the Home Depot that those who've ventured south of Hamilton Ave are already regular customers of.

Check out www.curbed.com for more demo pics.

UPDATE: I apologize, dear readers. I had assumed that Ikea had mind-melded its way into the masses. Apparently, our friends in the bread basket do not have access nor are they aware of this import.

Ikea (eye-kee-ya): Noun; def - Home of questionable quality (but uber-cool design) Swedish housing goods priced so efficiently that they elicit complete abandonment of all rational fiscal responsibility.



At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Troy from TODC said...

Ikea? Do you mind to explain what IKEA is? I mean I could FGI but if your going to post it at least explain what it is... LOL

I really enjoy your blog Alison!


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