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Congrats Charlie

ABC announced today that Charlie Gibson will, at last, officially take over for Elizabeth Vargas when she goes on maternity leave later this month. It's a rather open ended position (as he's covering for Bob Woodruff), but one that Gibson has been groomed for.

"I am humbled to accept this new assignment. I have witnessed firsthand the grace and determination of every member of the staff of 'World News Tonight.' I look forward to joining this extraordinary team and to helping the broadcast start a new chapter," Gibson said."

I love Charlie. I grew up with Joan Lunden and Charlie on GMA. Seeing him go from awe-shucks morning man to evening news guy was great. ABC tested him by trotting him out to cover political and hard news stories and Charlie always rose to the occasion. When Peter got ill, Charlie stepped right up to the plate. While I'm still hoping Bob makes a full recovery and Elizabeth remains someone I completely respect and look forward to seeing more of once she returns, I'm happy for Charlie.

Now go kick that Katie's ass, Charlie!

(I'm also smirking at Diane Sawyer's impending no-more-wire-hangers-meltdown moment as you know she's pissed)


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