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The Hurricane's Coming! The Hurricane's Coming!

The New York Sun, the bastard red headed foster child of the NYC Media, reports that Russian media outlets in Brooklyn have been telling the mostly senior citizen-aged immigrants that a huge hurricane is coming, sending said population into a chaotic tizzy to stock up on water and meds while waiting for the Big One.

"I know one businessman who closed his business," the editor in chief of a local paper, Russkii Bazaar, Natalia Shapiro, said. "He went back to live in Russia until the hurricane season is over."

It's gotten so bad that recently the cover of V Novom Svete ran a story "citing a French scientist who said a tsunami would rip through Manhattan on May 25." Here's hoping the editor who ran with that one lays off the Stolichnala.

Not to worry, dear readers. The city's Office of Emergency Management is on the case and out to win the hearts and minds of our misguided Ruskies by launching a Russian PR campaign to address the rumors.

Fear of Hurricane Stirs Russians In Brighton Beach [New York Sun]


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