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Dumpwatch 2006

My favorite designer, and genius originator of Grunge, graffiti Louis Vuitton Bags and the only one who can keep Anna Wintour on her pointy-heeled toes, Marc Jacobs has dumped his 25 year old boy toy Jason Preston.

The Village Voice reports Jacobs as saying of the split "I wanted things to be a certain way, and it's just not working," he said, sadly. "I wanted him to be there when I wanted him to be there. I have to be in bed at 11:30 and he's 25 and wants to go to clubs every night. . . . I adore him. But do I want to control him? No."

What's Preston going to do about that tattoo?


At 12:12 PM, Blogger heatheradair said...

I've always thought the two looked like they could practically be father and son, actually...when I've seen pictures of them in the past, there's something...similar about their faces. The forehead/chin combo, maybe?


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