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If You Haven't Already, Run And Go See This Movie

As The Boyfriend's in Vegas this weekend, Z's had time to do all the little things she did B.B (Before Boyfriend). I've spent too much on 'clothes to transition me into Fall', mani/peddie, a solo sidewalk seated brunch long enough to get through the entire NYTimes, etc. I also partook of a mainstay B.B ritual.

Friday Night Movies.

Before I met BF, my Friday night habit was to treat myself to whatever Indy movie trusty Cobble Hill Theater would be featuring. I'd stop off at the deli next door and stock up on my favorite Japanese snack mix and a Tea's Tea and get my badass on by sneaking them into the theater.

I'd been wanting to see Little Miss Sunshine for quite some time, and yesterday provided the perfect opportunity.

I Loved This Movie.

It was hilarious without trying too hard. The cast is superb as is the storyline and frankly, Z hasn't enjoyed a movie so much in ages.

Run, run, run dear readers to experience a true comedic gem.

Here's what the critics have to say...


At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Jeremy said...

This one is on my list. Thanks for the review. I'm anxious to see it and I'm jealous you beat me to it.


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