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Between Boyfriends

There's nothing like a wedding to remind you why you should no longer be romantically involved with your long-term-date.

Z presents the Top Ten Reasons To Celebrate Your Newly Found Singleton Status:

*As cliche as it may seem, there really is no better excuse to get an amazing cut at that uber-trendy salon.

*New lingerie. If you build it he will come.

*You can ogle male eye candy with fearless abandon and return the cutie on the F train's smile at will.

* Z's not one to cry into in quarts of Fat free Eddy'a praline pecan, but she is one to use this an opportunity to take daily walks home from the West Village to Brooklyn while listening to femme-rock. And seriously consider the boxing classes at the gym a block from work.

*Your fabulous gay friends have never seemed to be more perfect male specimens

*It's entirely justified to induce a marathon of all six seasons of Sex And The City from your DVD collection and overdose on chick flicks.

*Reuniting with Pat Benatar, Alanis Morisette, Janice Joplin and every angry estrogenfest in your itunes collection.

*Reclaiming your bottom right dresser drawer.

*Taking a hiatus from shaving.

*Knowing that this too will pass and Mr. Right could be right around the corner. (Maybe he'll even own a pug.)


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