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He's Baaaack!

Z's no Sam Champion, so I've no idea where he, or his ensuing ladyfriend went, but El Nino's back in a big way. Thankfully the weather phenom has been helping keep the hurricanes at bay (er, Atlantic) this season, but the "little boy" (as it's literally translated) will most definitely make his mark on forecasts from now until late spring of 2007.

As his love is hot, El Nino will lend a helping hand to Northeasterners this winter, or at least to our wallets, as a mild winter is typical in our region whenever Ninos are bountiful. However the lands in and bordering the Pacific are basically fucked and scientists speculate that Florida and the Gulf Coast will see more than their fair share of rainfall while drought ridden Ohio valley and Pacific Northwest will only be able to look on with envy.

Ah, mother nature. She giveth and she taketh.


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