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Suicide League Week Three: Holy Shit, That Was A Nail Biter!

The pit of my stomach was in knots by the end of the first quarter. Baltimore trailed the Browns the entire game. By 4Q, they'd rallied to within two points and gained possession at the two minute mark by intercepting a touchdown pass for a safety.

Mind you, I don't have an NFL pass (my Time Warner bill is high enough thank you), so I'm watching the Giants on my TV and the Baltimore/Cleveland game via www.nfl.com.

Fingers crossed and staring so hard at the sputtering-yet-'real time'-play by plays on my VAIO that my eyes are crossing, I watch as the Ravens slowly but surely gain yard by yard a drive that brings them within field goal range.

I hold my breath. The wait is unbearable. Both teams must be burning time outs. And....

I see the score box update. WE GOT THE FIELD GOAL! Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Along with 46 other Ravens-Pickers, I've just squeaked my way into Week Four. Unfortunately, nearly 40 others (New England, AZ, Detroit & Buffalo) weren't so lucky. Our pool's now down to 217 from 295. Love of god, who do I pick this week?


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