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Deathwatch 2006: When Spinoffs Attack

Starting in January, we are rolling Jewelry W into W Magazine--increasing our focus on jewelry and watches in W, and no longer publishing Jewelry W as a stand alone magazine.

The plan is:
- For the first time ever, W will have jewelry and watch editorial in every issue. Er, you claim you already do...
- There will be four "focus" issues of W timed to key months, with dramatically expanded editorial coverage (May, June, October, November) the months Jewelry W was published and the December issue of W will become the Jewelry and Watch Issue--a themed issue dedicated to what's most top of mind for luxury consumers over the holidays. Bet your ass you will

Of course, the big question is why?
1. We wanted to increase the focus on jewelry and watches in W to reflect the growing importance of both markets. The original reason you began publishing W Jewelry
2. Jewelry W was highly successful among the smaller community of 75,000 people it served--but we wanted to grow the size of the audience.
Our new plan means the beautiful pages of Jewelry W will now be seen by all W magazine readers. aka all the marketors realized they didn't need to pay for the full circulation of W when for a fraction of the cost they could buy W Jewelry, creating an oh-fuck moment for the revenue number crunchers

W magazine is already the leader in the quantity and quality of editorial we dedicate to women's fine jewelry and watches. With this new plan, there is no question which magazine is most important to luxury jewelry and watch consumers and most dedicated to the jewelry and watch industries. Oh yeah?
As a Jewelry W advertiser, we will be approaching you with a plan for how we think your advertising dollars would be best invested in W. This should be interesting

We look forward to a successful year ahead! I bet you do


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