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It's A Good Day To Be A Dem

Hell, it's always a good day to be a New Yorker. Meet our new Governor, Elliot Spitzer. Yeah, he's bald, what of it?

You already know one of our Senators. Hey Hil, when are we gonna talk '08?

Andrew, baby, not as charismatic or photogentic as your father, but I love ya anyway (and Jeanine, darlin, when are you going to pull a Britney Spears and dump your KFed of a husband? Had it not been for your ill-fated Senate run and harsh early douchbaggery dumpfest from your party, you could have been a contender.)

Hevesi, our chauffeur-happy re-elected Comptroller...I didn't want to vote for you. I ultimately went with your record. But, I trust in Elliot. Whatever The Gov wants to do, let it be done. And, Hev, invest in car service, will ya?

For an astounding Brooklyn-centric take, be sure to check out the ever diligent, intelligent and observant Gowanus Lounge slant. Check out Gowanus Lounge anyway as it always delivers what you want to know in the way you'd want to know of the goings-on the the best borough of them all.

(Yes, clearly Z. Madison crushes on Gowanus Lounge, as should you.)


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