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This Is Why I Don't Have Them

Did you hear about this kid? Grandma was out shopping with the tike and his three siblings and ended up treating them all to a romp in an arcade. After little Robbie was unsuccessful fishing a SpongeBob with one of those plastic grabby-things, Grandma went to get him cash for another try.

Ah but the kid was resourceful and realized the chances of winning were slim to none. No, he knew the path to success was much more simple than that. The little snot maker removed his coat and squirmed his way up and into the machine where Grandma found him soon thereafter. Karma's a bitch as the employees didn't have a key. Our little Robbie had to wait it out in the stuffed animal cage until the fire department could come and fish him out.

After all that, little Robbie left without even a small stuffed animal as compensation for his troubles. Personally, I'd blacklist him from every Chucky Cheese for life.


At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Troy D said...

i think this is a cute story! A future Republican President in the making!


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