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Let's Hope My Building Isn't About To Blow Up

As I arrived at work in the West Village today, I noticed a strong odor on my walk from West 4th Street to my building on Hudson/Houston.

Inside our office building, it also stunk. Our office manager continued to give updates that basically said no one knew what was happening and we were waiting to hear from the Mayor, while AP reports broke the news that the MTA and PATH transit systems were suspending service, and rumors of gas leaks in Chealsea and on Bleeker/4th were occurring. Bloomberg finally gave a press conference a little before 11am admitting that on Bleeker/6th there was indeed a gas leak, "but wasn't strong enough to produce the vast odor" and that everything is absolutely safe.

Con Ed, of course, has no fucking idea what or where it is. So yeah, Bloomie - I feel safe.

Personally, I preferred the Maple Syrup aroma that permeated the area a year or so ago. At least that made me hungry and not afraid to go outside for my post-lunch nic fix.


At 12:47 AM, Anonymous Jeremy said...

So that's it? They still don't know what the heck happened? Where did all the Homeland Security money go?


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