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Now That's My Kind Of Product Placement

Tip from our friends at AdAge: "If you happen to be dining Italian in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago Jan. 10-13, you may get a glass of consumer marketing to go with your pasta. 'Rome,' HBO's sex-blood-and-togas series, is offering a complimentary bottle of wine at some eateries to promote its second season.

HBO will offer complimentary bottles of "Rome" cabernet sauvignon at more than 100 eateries in the three cities to promote the second-season launch of its sex-blood-and-togas series, debuting Jan. 14. consumers will be presented with a polite card at their tables: "A taste of 'Rome' awaits you. Ask server for details."

Personally, I've tried to get into this show, but. just. can't. Genius PR move though.


At 3:17 PM, Anonymous JMoooooooooneeeeey said...

even if they brought a case over to my apt. i prob still wouldn't watch the show. i'd do it for a few pies from grimaldis though.

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Z. Madison said...

Grimaldi's...now that's a genius idea.


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