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Deathwatch 2006: President Ford

I don't know much about Ford other than he was the only Vice President and President who was never elected to either post due to a scandal ridden White House, pardoned Nixon, got us out of Vietnam for good and lost to Jimmy Carter in the next election. Oh, and Chevy Chase used him as a klutzy punching bag nearly every week on SNL.

A few fun facts I've learned in the past twelve hours from our helpful friends at Cnn, 1010wins and the like:

1. Ford was born Leslie Lynch King
2. He apparently was a helluva football player and could have gone pro (the Detroit Lions and GreenBay Packers both wanted him but Ford chose to attend Yale Law School instead)
3. Last surviving member of the Warren Commission, taking any findings other than Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone to the grave

As we watch the national mourning play out over the next week or so, Z. wishes Ford's family well and is keeping a closer eye on the remaining surviving Presidents, especially 82 year olds George H. W. Bush and Jimmy Carter.


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