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Welcome Home, Baby!

I can now dust off the only baby-T Yanks jersey I own because my man Andy's coming back to the Bronx. On Friday, Cashman and Co. signed Andy Pettitte to a deal that reunites the two time All-Star with the team he helped win mulitple Post Seasons and two World Series rings for.

That's right, Z's already salivating for That Stare piercing once again from deep beneath Andy's cap while at his rightful place pitching to Posada from the mound...

And hell my evangelic Andy, you kidnapped Roger and brought him to Houston, why not convince the old man to come back? I'm sure Torre could find a way to make Johnson to give up his rotation spot for The Rocket.


At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Troy from todc said...

uhh, he isn't that good anymore. If he was Houston would have offered more. They weren't going to overpay the sad left arm. Watch, Andy has a losing record...

At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Alison, I love andy too. I have all his old yankee stuff in my office (and sleep in my yankee #46 tshirt)...and now I can look at it and be happy again! - erica


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